Kricket the Cat #002

In today's Kricket the Cat, Kricket finds a periwinkle, and sings a little song. Kricket the Cat is self-published by Reilly Hadden.

Review: The Sea by Rikke Villadsen

Today at SOLRAD, Alex Hoffman reviews Rikke Villadsen's THE SEA, published in 2019 by Fantagraphics, which just published Villadsen's COWBOY in March 2020.

History By Way Of Righteousness And Heart: Ryan Carey Reviews “Big Black: Stand At Attica”

SOLRAD's lead critic Ryan Carey examines the story of Frank "Big Black" Smith and the Attica prison rebellion of 1971, as told in the new comic Big Black: Stand At Attica.

The Gordian Knot Of Darkness: Nina Bunjevac’s Bezimena

Contributing editor Rob Clough reviews Nina Bunjevac's BEZIMENA, which draws on Bunjevac's traumatic memories of sexual assault through a noirish lens.

Kricket the Cat #001

Today we launch SOLRAD PRESENTS with the first page of Reilly Hadden's Kricket the Cat.


Today, SOLRAD's publisher Alex Hoffman announces the launch of our new imprint, SOLRAD PRESENTS.

Capturing Life’s Minutiae: a conversation with James Nash and Paul Ashley Brown

Nick Burman sits down with James Nash and Paul Ashley Brown, two cartoonists in the UK's indie comics scene to talk about life, history, and making art.

Wading Through “The Pits Of Hell”

Ryan Carey takes a crack at the surreal, bizarre, and outrageous The Pits of Hell, by Ebisu yoshikazu, published in English in 2019 by Breakdown Press.

Bucking the Danger of a Single Story with the Power of a Multitude – A Review of Tales from La Vida: a Latinx Comics Anthology

Guest contributor Angela M. Sánchez reviews Tales from La Vida and examines how it breaks down preconceptions of the "singular" Latinx experience.

When Reinforcing The Status Quo Becomes Dangerous: Ryan Carey Reviews Holy Hannah by Will Dinski

SOLRAD's lead critic Ryan Carey takes issue with Will Dinski's “reality-based” fiction comic Holy Hannah, published by Uncivilized Books in 2019.

No Wrest(ling) for the Wicked: Sara L. Jewell Reviews Cannonball

Cartoonist, critic, and ENEMIES OF THE STATE contributor Sara L. Jewell takes a step further into the Sisyphean world of Kelsey Wroten's 2019 graphic novel Cannonball.

Hard-Boiled Trondheim: Rob Clough Reviews Maggy Garrisson

SOLRAD contributing editor Rob Clough takes a hard look at Lewis Trondheim and Stephane Ory's collected Maggy Garrisson, published in 2019 by SelfMadeHero.

COVID-19 County Blues

Publisher Alex Hoffman talks COVID-19 -- again. Things are getting hairy out there - stay safe, practice smart disease transmission prevention maneuvers, and enjoy some of our backlog.

Golden Age Aesthetic, Contemporary Sensibility: Ryan Carey Reviews Eric Haven’s Cryptoid

SOLRAD's lead critic Ryan Carey evaluates the singularity and insularity of Eric Haven's Cryptoid, published in February by Fantagraphics.

Treating Myself to Gatorade and Gum: An Interview with Emma Hunsinger

Today, cartoonist Emil Wilson interviews fellow CCS classmate Emma Hunsinger about being in The New Yorker, her work, and goals as a cartoonist.

SOLRAD Presents: Presence, by Ibrahim Ineke

Today at SOLRAD we are proud to feature an essay about horror comics, in comics form, by Ibrahim Ineke.

Review: Becoming Horses by Disa Wallander

SOLRAD publisher Alex Hoffman reviews Disa Wallander's Becoming Horses, her new book from Drawn and Quarterly.

Poetry Comics: Communication, Collaboration, and Connection

Guest writer and cartoonist Peony Gent considers the nature of poetry comics and their vulnerable, emotional storytelling.

Enemies of the State #008 – The Tenderness of Stones by Marion Fayolle

Episode #8 of Enemies of the State features commentary on Marion Fayolle’s The Tenderness of Stones, published by New York Review Comics in 2019. As the wrap up to our comics poetry week, we discuss a poetic, almost storybook-like comic about the slow death of Fayolle's father.

The Treachery Of Images: John Hankiewicz’s Education

Rob Clough finishes our written coverage of comics poetry this week with a review of John Hankiewicz's Education, published in 2017 by Fantagraphics.

The Poetry of Apology – Daniel Elkin Reviews Sorry! by Xia Gordon

SOLRAD EIC Daniel Elkin reviews Sorry! by Xia Gordon, a meditation on experiences of fervor, empowerment, and fixation.

What is Comics Poetry? An Essay By Alexander Rothman, Editor-In-Chief of INK BRICK

Today we're pleased to reprint a 2016 essay from Alexander Rothman, a cartoonist and poet whose anthology INK BRICK ends its 7+ year run with its 10th issue.

Growing, Blooming, Thriving: Alex Hoffman Reviews Four Years by Kevin Czap

For comics poetry week, SOLRAD publisher Alex Hoffman examines the first collection of Kevin Czap's latest comic, Four Years, and compares it to Czap's previous comic Fütchi Perf.

This Month @ SOLRAD: March 2020

Publisher Alex Hoffman details SOLRAD's publishing plan for March 2020, and has some thoughts about COVID-19 and upcoming comics festivals.

Ending An Era On A High Note: Ryan Carey Reviews Ink Brick #10

Critic Ryan Carey reviews the final installment of INK BRICK, an anthology of comics poetry published by Alexander Rothman since 2013.

Reflections from the Past: Anna Sellheim Interviews Ariel Bordeaux

Anna Sellheim sits down with Ariel Bordeaux, a predominant autobio cartoonist from the 1990s whose career in comics was sidelined by sexism.

The 100-Yards War Is The Culture War: Ryan Carey Reviews Ben Passmore’s Sports is Hell

Today at SOLRAD, Ryan Carey examines Ben Passmore's latest book SPORTS IS HELL in the context of the current political climate.

How Zines Survive: A View of the ABC no Rio in Exile Zine Library

Kori Michele Handwerker explores the history of the community newspapers and zines of the ABC No Rio in Exile collection, and their impact on zinemaking today.

Exclusive Preview: Glass Town by Isabel Greenberg

A preview of Isabel Greenberg's latest book, Glass Town. The book blends fact with fiction in a graphic novel that isn't quite a biography, a story of the Brontës and their childhood writings.

“All the work I do is art therapy” – Whit Taylor Interviews Lawrence Lindell

Today at SOLRAD, Whit Taylor sits down with fellow cartoonist Lawrence Lindell to talk about his creative process, and his new book From Truth With Truth.

Powerless: Krish Raghav Reviews Games by Woshibai

Guest contributor Krish Raghav digs deep into Games, the first collection of work by breakout Chinese cartoonist Woshibai.

Sein Und Zeit: Memory, Empathy, And Identity In Chris Ware’s Rusty Brown 

Rob Clough wraps up our RUSTY BROWN week with thoughts on the way Chris Ware handles memory, identity, and empathy throughout the book.

Nature Vs. Nurture In Chris Ware’s Rusty Brown

Continuing our RUSTY BROWN book club week, critic Ryan Carey examines the book through a question - how do people end up in the fixes they're in?

The Hermetic and Brutal Chris Ware: Charles Hatfield Reviews Rusty Brown

Continuing our RUSTY BROWN book club, our second guest critic Charles Hatfield offers a powerful and comprehensive vision of Ware's cartooning.

Chris Ware Meticulously Explores an Ideological Void in “The Seeing-Eye Dogs of Mars”

As part of our RUSTY BROWN book club, guest writer and cartoonist Casey Nowak examines the story within a story of "The Seeing-Eye Dogs of Mars."

A Tale of Two (and a Quarter) Artists: Joanne Cole, W.K. Brown, and “Chris Ware” in Rusty Brown

Kicking off our RUSTY BROWN book club, SOLRAD publisher Alex Hoffman examines the book through the lens of its artists, and examines Chris Ware's perspective on art-making through the cast of RUSTY BRO

You, Too, Will Be “Drawn To Berlin”

Ryan Carey reviews Drawn to Berlin, an autobiography and documentation of the migrant crisis in Europe, published in 2018 by Fantagraphics.

Extract: Storm Clouds Collected by Ben Mitchell

Cartoonist Ben Mitchell and UK-based comics publisher Good Comics are putting out a special edition of his book, Storm Clouds, to support relief efforts for the Australian Bushfires. Today, we feature an extract from the book.

Feature: Tim Hayes Considers The Adventures of Adèle Blanc-Sec by Jacques Tardi

This week's featured author, Tim Hayes, considers The Adventures of Adèle Blanc-Sec by Jacques Tardi and the turbulence of pre-WWII Europe.

What is “Home”? Daniel Elkin Reviews The House by Paco Roca

Today as part of our Euro-comics week, SOLRAD Editor-in-Chief reviews The House by Paco Roca, published by Fantagraphics in 2019.

Choosing What Is Seen: Aimee de Jongh’s Taxi! and Jon McNaught’s Kingdom

To kick off our Euro Comics week, Rob Clough examines the way that cartoonists use drawing and page design, featuring Taxi! by Aimée de Jongh and Kingdom by Jon McNaught.

Enemies of the State #007 – Cannonball by Kelsey Wroten

Episode #7 of Enemies of the State features commentary on Kelsey Wroten’s Cannonball, published by Uncivilized Books in 2019.

“MacDoodle St.” Exists At The Intersection Of The Everyday And The Absurd

To wrap up the week, Ryan Carey reviews MacDoodle St. by Mark Alan Stamaty from New York Review Comics.

Desire For Self-Destruction: Alex Hoffman Reviews STUNT by Michael DeForge

Today at SOLRAD, Alex Hoffman reviews Michael DeForge's latest comic STUNT from Koyama Press. TW: suicide, self-harm

Exploring The Concept of Intentionality in Art Comics – Kimball Anderson

Today's guest author is Kimball Anderson. Anderson makes comics about the experience of illness and disability, and in this feature, explores the concept of "intentionality" in art comics.

Finding Balance: Daniel Elkin Reviews Wild by Debbie Fong

Daniel Elkin reviews Wild, self-published in 2019 by Debbie Fong under her Pomo Press line. The comic explores the need for peace and balance - but at what cost?

Exclusive Preview: Ley Lines #22: Cabra Cabra by Victor Martins

Today we have an exclusive preview of Ley Lines #22: Cabra Cabra by Victor Martins. In it, Martins explores the work of famed writer Virginia Woolf.

The Sustained Importance of Trans Narratives in Jaime Cortez’s Sexile/Sexilio

Cartoonist Natalie Dupille reviews Jaime Cortez's Sexile/Sexilio, a biography of Adela Vasquez, a prominent Hispanic transgender activist who immigrated from Cuba to the United States in 1980.

This Month @ SOLRAD: February 2020

SOLRAD publisher Alex Hoffman lays out the plan for February 2020, and asks for your support.

Alex Hoffman Reviews Persephone’s Garden by Glynnis Fawkes

To wrap up our memoir week and our last theme week for a little while, Alex Hoffman wrestles with the contradictions of Glynnis Fawkes' Persephone's Garden, published in 2019 by Secret Acres.

Exclusive Preview: Fizzle #3 by Whit Taylor

Today we have an exclusive preview of Whit Taylor's Fizzle #3, an ongoing series published by Radiator Comics. The first two issues of Fizzle were released in 2019, and the series is planned for at least another 2 issues.

Why Make Comics About Your Life? November Garcia Muses on Autobio Comics and Their Makers

Our guest writer this week is November Garcia, a cartoonist whose autobiographical work has been celebrated for its wit and tenderness. Today November reflects on memoir and some of her favorite cartoonists that make it.

Part Prosecution, Part Defense, All Real: Ryan Carey Reviews How I Tried To Be A Good Person by Ulli Lust

As part of memoir week, Ryan Carey takes a hard look at Ulli Lust's "How I Tried to Be a Good Person," published in 2019 by Fantagraphics.

The Examined Life: Hazel Newlevant’s No Ivy League

Rob Clough kicks off our last theme week of January, Memoir week, with a thoughts on Hazel Newlevant's No Ivy League.

Too Much Horror For The Page To Contain: Ryan Carey Reviews Junji Ito’s Frankenstein

Ryan Carey wraps up our horror theme week with a review of Junji Ito's Frankenstein, published by Viz Media as part of their Junji Ito hardcover line.

Daniel Elkin Reviews Vision #2 by Julia Gfrörer

In today's horror feature, Daniel Elkin reviews Julia Gfrörer's latest minicomic, Vision #2.

SOLRAD Presents: “Hellmouth” by Julia Gfrörer

Today, SOLRAD is pleased to present our first original comic, Hellmouth by Julia Gfrörer. Julia Gfrörer is a cartoonist, illustrator, and author based in New York whose transgressive horror comics have been published by Fantagraphics, and have appeared in Best American Comics, Kramer’s Ergot, Cicada Magazin, Black Eye, and Study Group Magazine. Her latest graphic...

Review: Little Visitor by Adam Szym

Alex Hoffman kicks off our horror week with a review of Adam Szym's Little Visitor, a self published mini comic released in 2019.

Exclusive Preview: “Between the Sun and Tides” by Jonathan Djob Nkondo, from Ex.Mag 01: FULL METAL DREAMLAND

As the second part of a two-part feature of Ex.Mag, a new anthology from Peow Studio, we have an exclusive preview of "Between the Sun and Tides," a brand-new 32-page comic from Jonathan Djob Nkondo.

Alex Hoffman Interviews Patrick Crotty and Wren McDonald about Ex.Mag

Alex Hoffman sits down with Peow publisher Patrick Crotty and editor Wren McDonald to talk about Ex.Mag, a new anthology series currently being funded on Kickstarter.

A Glimpse At Where We’re Going – Where We Are Now – Or Both? Thoughts on The Hard Tomorrow

Ryan Carey caps our week-long book club featuring The Hard Tomorrow by Eleanor Davis with the question: is this a work more felt than it is explicitly understood?

The Judaism of Eleanor Davis’ The Hard Tomorrow

As part of our week-long book club on Eleanor Davis' The Hard Tomorrow, Editor in Chief Daniel Elkin evaluates the comic through the lens of his own Judaism and heritage.

Why Make Art in Times Like These? Anya Davidson Reviews The Hard Tomorrow

Cartoonist and critic Anya Davidson contemplates making art in times like these in her review of The Hard Tomorrow by Eleanor Davis.

Finding Beauty During the Apocalypse: Alex Hoffman on The Hard Tomorrow

Continuing our series, Alex Hoffman contemplates The Hard Tomorrow and asks the question - where can we find beauty in the apocalypse?

The Politics Of Hope And The Hard Tomorrow

Today, Rob Clough kicks off our 5-critic book club reviewing Eleanor Davis' acclaimed graphic novel The Hard Tomorrow, published in 2019 by Drawn and Quarterly.

Ryan Carey’s Top 20 Comics of the 2010’s

Last but not least, critic Ryan Carey shares his top 20 comics of the 2010's as part of our Best of the Decade feature - who took the elusive #1 slot?

Daniel Elkin’s “Books I Liked” of the 2010’s

The next installment in our "Best of the Decade" series, SOLRAD Editor Daniel Elkin shares 20 books that he liked in the 2010's.

Exclusive Excerpt “Pursued by Soldiers” by Eleri Harris, published in š! #37 DOWN DOWN UNDER, co-editor Michael Fikaris

Today we have an exclusive excerpt from the latest kuš! anthology featuring Australian cartoonists - "Pursued by Soldiers" by Eleri Harris.

Kim Jooha’s Best Comics of the Decade

This week's guest critic Kim Jooha presents a list of her Best Comics of the Decade, unlike any other "Best of" comics list on the web. What made her list?

Alex Hoffman’s Top 20 Comics of the 2010’s

The 2010s were a decade of change for me. I started my professional career. I got married. I had a daughter. All of that stuff changes you, in some ways grander than others. But the way in which I’ve interfaced with art over the last decade has had a profound and positive impact on my...

Rob Clough’s Top 20 Comics of the 2010’s

Critic Rob Clough kicks off our "Best Comics of the Decade" feature with a list of his favorite books - what made the cut?

Exclusive Excerpt: ‘Morning Dew’ from SEASONAL SHIFT by Lala Albert

Today we have a excerpt titled 'Morning Dew' from Lala Albert's new collection, SEASONAL SHIFT, published in late 2019 by Breakdown Press.

Enemies of the State #006 – When I Arrived at the Castle by Emily Carroll

Enemies of the State is a monthly virtual book club discussion on a recently published comic, featuring a rotating cast of comics critics. Episode #6 of Enemies of the State features commentary on Emily Carroll’s When I Arrived at the Castle, published by Koyama Press in 2019. Carroll is well known for her horror webcomics which use...

This Month @ SOLRAD: January 2020

SOLRAD's publisher, Alex Hoffman, introduces the site and the publishing schedule for January. Find out what is coming to SOLRAD this month!

Welcome to SOLRAD!

Editor in Chief Daniel Elkin lays out a vision for SOLRAD. Welcome to the future.