November 2022
As the leaves change, Karl C. Krumpholz travels to Seattle in this week's The Lighthouse in the City on SOLRAD Presents.
Today on SOLRAD, John McNamee explores the cartoonist Jason’s desire to create a body of work that explores the enigma of the unsaid.
Get a tasty meal and check into your room at the guest house, it's Kitajima from Ian M and SOLRAD Presents!
Karl C. Krumpholz teaches us about lighthouses and mercury poisoning in this week's The Light in the City on SOLRAD Presents!
Today on SOLRAD, Helen Chazan is back with another COMICS GRIDLOCK column focused on horror manga because it's late November.
So wanna help SOLRAD thrive in 2023? Do you want to help us continue to get the word out about wonderful comics? There are a couple of options for you. Yep... it's one of those posts.
Is that Russia we can see in this week's Kitajima by Ian M on SOLRAD Presents? We not sure, and our Japanese isn't good enough to ask!
Today on SOLRAD, Kevin Brown returns to review KEEPING TWO by Jordan Crane, published by Fantagraphics.
This week in Karl C. Krumpholz's The Lighthouse in the City on SOLRAD Presents sees a man look in the wrong places for love, someone who can't give up on Halloween, and an awesome Komodo Dragon!
Today on SOLRAD, Nhatt Nichols has a scene report from the 2022 SHORT RUN Comix & Arts Festival
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