September 2022
Oola the cat prepares her manifesto for the French Resistance, meanwhile Karl C. Krumpholz takes a walk through his neighborhood, in the Lighthouse in the City on SOLRAD Presents.
Today on SOLRAD, Helen Chazan is back with her capsule review column, COMICS GRIDLOCK.
And if you thought the snake blood thing wasn't bad enough, now's your chance to check out the latest page of DARK PANTS from Matt MacFarland!
Today on SOLRAD, Tom Shapira returns with a review of THE LAST AMERICAN written by John Wagner and Alan Grant, drawn by Mick McMahon.
Life continues for Karl, Kelly, and Oola, despite a week marred by death, in Karl C. Krumpholz's Lighthouse in the City on SOLRAD Presents.
Come drink some snake blood with us in this week's Dark Pants from Matt MacFarland on SOLRAD Presents.
Announcing our latest book, MariNaomi's I THOUGHT YOU LOVED ME, which is now available for preorder on Crowdfundr!
Today on SOLRAD, Kevin Brown reviews PARENTHESIS by Élodie Durand (translated by Edward Gauvin), published by Top Shelf in2021 (originally 2010 in French).
Oola and reminiscing in this week's THE LIGHTHOUSE IN THE CITY from Karl C. Krumpholz, brought to you by SOLRAD Presents!
Things are about to get freaky in this week's page of DARK PANTS by Matt MacFarland...
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