April 2022
At least the giant frog didn't eat the camera! It's Kricket the Cat by Reilly Hadden back on SOLRAD Presents!
Tânia A. Cardoso returns to Athens to walk through times lived in past and present in Wondering Wanderings, Wandering Cities on SOLRAD Presents.
Nicholas Bruetzman's Pill Hill takes a melancholy turn on SOLRAD Presents this week as Henry misses his mother.
Satisfy your oyster cravings and get a cute treat with our pal Danger Diver from Jef Harmatz and SOLRAD Presents!
Karl C. Krumpholz takes a musical journey with thoughts on fame and the pressures of life in The Lighthouse in the City on SOLRAD Presents.
Kevin Brown returns to SOLRAD with a review of Anneli Furmark's WALK ME TO THE CORNER, published in English by Drawn & Quarterly.
Do you think the coffee at Burger Fortress IV is any good? Maybe we will find out in Derek Van Gieson's The Locust Lodge on SOLRAD Presents!
These costs really have to be thought about for a magician like Presto! It's ABRACADABRA from Michael Aushenker and SOLRAD Presents.
A chariot awaits in the search for meaning in life and in Scott Finch's The Domesticated Afterlife on SOLRAD Presents.
Hopefully Kricket got his shot before he got that shock! Read Reilly Hadden's Kricket the Cat on SOLRAD Presents.
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