December 2021
Ellen takes a break from Magic Nation to share a short rug making comic - enjoy!
Alex Hoffman explores the link between culture and colonialism in his review of Lane Milburn's LURE, published earlier this year by Fantagraphics.
It's another week with Karl, Kelly, and Oola in THE LIGHTHOUSE IN THE CITY, brought to you by Karl C. Krumpholz and SOLRAD Presents. Enjoy!
Sometimes you meet some scary critters down at the bottom of the deep, and sometimes... you meet the apostle puffer fish. Enjoy a new DANGER DIVER by Jef Harmatz!
Today for SOLRAD, Canadian cartoonist Patrick Allaby considers the comics performance and its ephemerality in an essay about his practice and the practice of others.
Let's go fishing, this week in Matt MacFarland's DARK PANTS, brought to you by SOLRAD Presents!
Tânia A, Cardoso brings us a tale of a sustainable city, starting with a future role for fungus in city spaces. Enjoy!
Enjoy a quiet moment with Ellen O'Grady, today on SOLRAD Presents.
In the Orbison Bowl, the days are longer - but what do all the sea creatures do? Find out with our pal the DANGER DIVER, this week on SOLRAD Presents!
Are you a happy elf or a Christmas curmudgeon? Karl and Kelly have different opinions on decorations in this week's THE LIGHTHOUSE IN THE CITY!
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