August 2021
We've got a new page of DARK PANTS for you by Matt MacFarland today - check it out!
Longtime SOLRAD Presents contributor Reilly Hadden debuts with their first review for the magazine - of Miyoshi's RABBIT GAME from Glacier Bay Books.
Now that Kricket has moved in to the family estate, what does the furniture look like? Let's take a look this week in Reilly Hadden's KRICKET THE CAT.
Ryan Carey wraps up the week with a review of ORWELL, a comics biography of the author famous for 1984 and Animal Farm. How does it stack up?
In this week's classic MEETING COMICS round up, COVID-19 shows up for the first time, and the Ribbon Cutter imposters take it a step too far!
Enter Ellen O'Grady's Magic Nation, brought to you this week through her 55 COMICS series on SOLRAD Presents.
Ready for dad jokes that masquerade as fish jokes? Me too! That's why I'm reading the latest DANGER DIVER by Jef Harmatz!
Hey cartoonists, publishers, convention organizers, distros, and anyone else concerned about cash flow, SOLRAD is debuting a new feature called Managing Your Cash As A Creative. Today, SOLRAD Editor-in-Chief talks to Ean Price Murphy of MOXIE BOOKKEEPING
A new set of THE LIGHTHOUSE IN THE CITY from Karl C. Krumpholz is here on SOLRAD today, including some guy trying to buy Karl's iconic hat... let's see how that turns out.
We've got another comic at the bar in this week's DARK PANTS from Matt MacFarland and SOLRAD Presents!
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