May 2021
Weird things happen when Kricket goes out for a jog in this week's KRICKET THE CAT from Reilly Hadden, published through our SOLRAD Presents imprint!
Ryan Carey wraps up the week at SOLRAD with a review of Abby Jame's HEART SHAPED TEARS, published by Silver Sprocket in 2021.
We learn more about Val and her ex in this set of comics from Andrew Neal's MEETING COMICS, brought to you by SOLRAD Presents!
Police Chief Pimco holds a press conference about the PELICAN BASTARDS as chapter 4 of their saga ends on a perplexing note...
Ellen O'Grady shares memories from Palestine, and what Palestine is to her, in this week's 55 COMICS.
Charles Hatfield is back with a review of Linier's children's comic WILDFLOWERS, published earlier this year by TOON Books.
Oliver can't remember the events of last night, or how he got his octopus arms - Audrey thinks she might have a solution, in this week's selection from Audra Stang's STAR VALLEY comic 2008!
Our pal the DANGER DIVER is here to teach us about another deep water creature, the Spotted Decaying Ray. Who wants polka dots?
Today we have an exclusive preview of Onion Skin, the English-language debut of Edgar Camacho from Top Shelf Productions.
In this week's set of THE LIGHTHOUSE IN THE CITY, Karl shares a universal truth - geese are mean creatures. And that's putting it kindly!
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