April 2021
Our friend the DANGER DIVER reminds us that things aren't that hospitable at the extreme pressures of the oceanic depths - check out the latest page from Jef Harmatz!
Today, SOLRAD's Editor, Daniel Elkin, talks to Dan Stafford from KILGORE BOOKS AND COMICS about Publishing During A Pandemic, diversity in comics, and what the future of small press comics publishing may look like.
In this week's series of THE LIGHTHOUSE IN THE CITY, things go from bad to worse.
Come Well is a reinterpretation of Erik Nebel's beautiful and hypnotic 3- & 4-panel comics with process images. Enjoy their latest set!
Today we welcome Sydney To to SOLRAD with a review of Augusto Mora's ILLEGAL CARGO, published by Black Panel Press in 2020.
Matt considers his dad's legacy and makes a fitting (if a bit weird) tribute, in this week's MORE SEASONS OF GARY, brought to you by SOLRAD Presents.
In this week's PELICAN BASTARDS, This is Officer Napkin, Badge 2211, requesting backup! I repeat! Badge 2211, requesting backup!
Today we welcome M. Delmonico Connolly to SOLRAD with a review of John Vasquez Mejias's THE PUERTO RICAN WAR, self-published in 2020.
In this week's NEAR DEATH FLYING TURTLE from Tom Lake, our flying reptilian friend makes a big demand - accept things in their wholeness.
In this week's Kricket the Cat, sometimes all you need is a good socially-distanced cry.
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