August 2020
Today we have a brand new comic to debut on SOLRAD Presents - Michael Aushenker's PELICAN BASTARDS. We hope you enjoy the first three pages!
Today, Alex Hoffman comments on racism in comics academia, laments a lost SPX, and details SOLRAD's September publishing plan.
Things get a little rowdy in this set of pages from Andrew Neal's MEETING COMICS #8, brought to you by SOLRAD Presents!
To wrap up the week, SOLRAD's lead critic Ryan Carey reviews DANCING AFTER TEN, a graphic memoir by Vivian Chong and Georgia Webber.
Being in the deepest depths of the ocean means that, occasionally, the Danger Diver has to deal with... secretions. Check out the latest comic from Jef Harmatz!
Today we are continuing our feature at SOLRAD titled "Knowing Is Half The Battle," where published cartoonists give advice on the publishing industry.
This week in THE LIGHTHOUSE IN THE CITY, Karl C. Krumpholz muses on the things we can look forward to, giving cats insulin, and finding respite.
We've got another page of FOOD ADVENTURES OF CAPPY AND G up for your reading pleasure, created by Sam Nakahira and brought to you by SOLRAD Presents.
Today, Kyla Smith debuts as a SOLRAD Contributor with an interview of Crystal "Scotty" Jayme, who has multiple ongoing comics at Hiveworks.
Today, we have the final installment of Olivia Fredricks' STANDSTILL, a collection of moments during COVID-19 quarantine, brought to you by SOLRAD Presents.
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