April 2020
Today we are pleased to present the start of Lyssa Park's new series Phone Book as a part of SOLRAD Presents. Phone Book is a collection of comics based on phone conversations. Like a phone directory filled with numerous contacts, we hope you can find the right comic to connect with.
In the third week of THE LIGHTHOUSE IN THE CITY, Karl muses on the growing fatigue of isolation, of the strength we find in our loved ones, and the slow dilation of time under quarantine.
Daniel Elkin reviews Victor Martins' CABRA CABRA which interrogates Martins' history and frustration with a story by Virgina Woolf.
To start the week, SOLRAD's lead critic Ryan Carey takes a look at Colin Lidston's ongoing serial THE AGE OF ELVES from Paper Rocket Minicomics.
Near Death Flying Turtle presents the inner adventures and outer musings of a single turtle hurtling through the upper atmosphere. He cannot fall, he cannot land, he has no control over his trajectory. Are we relating yet?You can read new comics here, weekly, and read past comics at If you like the work we’re doing...
To wrap up manga week, Ryan Carey reviews OUTDOORS by Yuichi Yokoyama, translated and published by Breakdown Press in 2019.
In today's Kricket the Cat, Kricket goes fishing and makes an unexpected catch. Kricket the Cat is self-published by Reilly Hadden.
Guest contributor Kayleigh Hearn reviews the long-awaited first volume of THE ROSE OF VERSAILLES, published in 2020 by Udon Entertainment.
In this second week of THE LIGHTHOUSE IN THE CITY, Karl muses on the strangeness of Denver, life in the gilded cage, and the effect of face masks on himself and others. This is another stellar week of comics you won't want to miss!
Daniel Elkin considers the implications of Dead Dead Demon’s Dededede Destruction, a comic Inio Asano started writing in 2014, but seems tailor-made for this moment in the COVID-19 pandemic.
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